Engineering is the foundation of outstanding mechanical systems. The challenge is to transform innovative ideas into practical and reliable systems.

JB MECHANICAL INC. leads with the right concepts to meet your needs, and brings the advantage of system fabrication and installation know-how to capitalize on the best means and methods for cost effective results.

We focus beyond the initial installation to ensure that your system is designed to last and function reliably for many years under varying conditions and requirements. Our engineers utilize the experience of our commissioning and service professionals to design systems that will be serviceable and perform efficiently for the long term.

Creative solutions, cost effective designs and reliable performance is our engineers' commitment to you.

Whether your needs are large or small, simple or complex, our engineering staff will work with your design team and contractors to guarantee you are provided with the best design to meet your requirements and that it is complete, coordinated and code compliant.

Below is a brief list of the services we provide:

  • Preconstruction Services and Planning
  • Energy Conservation
  • Systems Evaluation/Comparison and Economic Analysis
  • Code Compliance or Variances
  • LEED® Certification
  • Retrofits & Upgrades
  • Applications Engineering

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Design Capabilities
HVAC Design

JB MECHANICAL INC. provides the project team a broad foundation of HVAC system knowledge supplemented through years of construction experience, startup and commissioning of systems, and long-term building operations for a wide range of building types. JB MECHANICAL INC. leverages our engineering "know-how" to select an HVAC approach that matches our clients' highest priorities.

Plumbing Design

Whether a high-rise residence, a research laboratory or an office building; appropriate plumbing system design sets the stage for owner, tenant, and occupant satisfaction. JB MECHANICAL INC. provides plumbing design for simple tenant retrofits to complex high-rise buildings and unique laboratory applications.

Energy Analysis

LEED. ASHRAE 90.1. . Savings By Design. There are a multitude of energy efficiency requirements for new buildings and retrofit projects. JB MECHANICAL INC. can help identify energy efficiency requirements for your project, design to energy and utility cost saving targets, and provide the energy analysis and documentation needed to validate the design requirements.

Value Engineering Project Review

Whether a project is design/build, design/assist, or plan/spec, JB MECHANICAL INC. provides a value engineering review proposing ideas which reduce first cost while improving, maintaining or minimizing impact to system performance based on client priorities. A simple cost savings, return on investment (ROI) calculation, or a full life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) accompanies value engineering ideas. Our experience in building, commissioning and maintaining HVAC and Plumbing systems induces real value propositions and ensures accurate analysis of first cost savings.

Target Value Design

Target Value Design (TVD) is a method closely aligned with Lean production, Lean construction and Integrated Project Delivery. It consists of designing a project to the customers predetermined budget requirements, rather than establishing cost after the design is completed. TVD builds cost into the design process and minimizes waste in the production and construction process. It is a fundamental change in thinking from "expected costs," to "budgeted costs." The guiding factor for TVD is that the target cost for a project should never be exceeded. Typically, cost follows design, but on projects where TVD is used, cost dictates what gets designed to ensure that the target cost is not exceeded. One mechanism for providing this rapid cost feedback is extracting quantities from the virtual model and model-based estimates. As a result, rapid cost feedback to the design team is paramount in this process.

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Quality Management