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Sophisticated Plumbing Solutions


When it comes to perfecting plumbing operations, JB Mechanical has you covered. Our plumbing department proudly offers complete, turnkey plumbing and process piping operations from skilled plumbers, as well as the resources for full design, including the latest in fabrication and installation services for any type of plumbing project.

Plumbing Services


Drainage Systems

We offer turnkey piping fabrication and installation services custom-developed to suit your building’s drainage system needs. From retrofit services to full design for new construction, our skilled technicians can streamline any storm drainage project to drastically reduce the chances of flooding issues within your building. Beyond design and installation, the JB plumbing team also offers fast and effective drain maintenance services, including hydrojetting and drain snaking, as well as drain system line repair, inspection, and pump replacement. 

Water Systems

Optimize your potable and non-potable water systems to get the most out of your building with comprehensive commercial water system design, installation, and maintenance from JB Mechanical. We work closely with property owners and developers to provide a full complement of water system piping, equipment, and support services for commercial applications and are the Pittsburgh tri-state area’s leading experts in designing and maintaining water systems that ensure you save water and energy.  


At JB Mechanical, we have the industry experience to help you find lasting sanitation solutions for your chemical waste and vent system needs, from design and fabrication through to installation and maintenance. When it comes to chemical waste disposal, our design-based approach leverages our plumbing department’s deep knowledge of chemical waste compliance concerning storage, collection, and disposal practices. Our drain-waste-vent system experience includes system design and optimization to ensure that waste and greywater are expertly managed and prevent leakage, clogging, and other common sanitation issues. 

Gas Systems

A building’s natural and medical gas systems require sophisticated, unfailing design. The engineering team at JB Mechanical can help. Our team of professional plumbing technicians can provide full gas line plumbing installation services for heating, appliances, and commercial equipment, as well as gas line service and pressure testing for enhanced occupant safety.